Ilaria Bertinelli and Paul Sorvino

  Ilaria Bertinelli of Interconsul with American actor Paul Sorvino at il Palato Italiano in Bolzano, Italy. Paul Sorvino, the memorable interpreter of Martin Scorsese’s Good Fellows, is of Neapolitan descent and Ilaria was his guide and interpreter during his sua recent visit Italy.

Majd’s Dreams, the Diary of a Saudi Girl

From the RADIO DIARIES Podcasts From 19 to 21, Majd Abdulghani, an  aspiring scientist, has been recording aspects of her life in Saudi Arabia — a nation in which women are not even allowed to drive and where women’s voices are routinely repressed. In the intimate audio diary, Majd recorded her days in school as she conducted lab experiments, Read more about Majd’s Dreams, the Diary of a Saudi Girl[…]