8 April 2020

A message from Interconsul to our clients

During this emergency period we at Interconsul have put in place solutions that ensure the continuation of our services with the same level of professionalism and without requiring physical presence while maintaining social distancing with maximum safety.

  1. International events with simultaneous interpretation

We have tested a platform purposely developed for conferences, webinars, training courses, product presentations and any other public event held remotely and with simultaneous translation in all the language combinations that you may require. The platform is called Voice Boxer, it is very intuitive to use, it does not require specific training, nor installation of booths or dedicated audio systems, it simply needs an internet connection.

  1. Translations

By definition, translation services have always been done remotely, but in these times of crisis we have taken a further step. Thanks to our proprietary management software and to Trados Studio SDL, our CAT tool, our 300 qualified translators can access the wealth of translation memories that Interconsul has built in over 15 years of experience. This system ensures continuity, competence and timely completion of your requests. On your part there are no changes needed, you can contact us by phone and via electronic mail, as you have been doing.

  1. Language training

For many of our clients we have moved the training courses from a physical classroom to a virtual one. We use standard video calling systems that enable sharing audio and video material. This allows us not only the carry on the training courses already planned, but we have also started new training programmes.

We are at your side, ready to analyze with you the feasibility of events and activities and to carry them out in a new way, as we overcome these hard times.

We are at your disposal, as always.