The difficulties of being D. J. Trumps’ interpreter

Translating Trump: interpreters are buffled by the USA president’s choice of words Interpreters and translators talk about their difficulties in translating Trampisms in front of international audiences: ‘We try to catch the context, but it is not so coherent’ ….      click to read the article  Interpreti in difficoltà con D.J.Trump

Cibus Connect 2017

Interconsul at Cibus Connect – Parma 12-13 April 2017 Interconsul interpreters for the 2017 edition of Cibus Connect in Parma.

Ilaria Bertinelli and Paul Sorvino

  Ilaria Bertinelli of Interconsul with American actor Paul Sorvino at il Palato Italiano in Bolzano, Italy. Paul Sorvino, the memorable interpreter of Martin Scorsese’s Good Fellows, is of Neapolitan descent and Ilaria was his guide and interpreter during his sua recent visit Italy.