28 October 2016


Interconsul: uor interpretation services

Our interpretation services offer a wide choice of options to address various needs and matters, in Italy and abroad.

  • Negotiations: the translation of the exchanges among the participants during business meetings in a private setting;
  • Simultaneous: the real time translation from inside a sound-proof booth that broadcasts to the audience wearing wireless headsets;
  • Consecutive: a translation service where the interpreter conveys to the public the words of the speakers as soon as they pause;
  • Chuchotage: a technique of translating conversations in real time in front of an audience, whispered in the ear of one or more people.
  • Telephone interpreting
  • Equipment rentals


Thanks to our experience and constant updating, Interconsul is the ideal partner for all those who operate in international markets and need a complete, qualified and expert consulting package.

Our strong points are our guarantees:

  • Knowledge of technical sectors specific language
  • Preliminary briefings before meetings
  • A team of specialized interpreters for language refresher courses at your premises
  • Hostesses and stewarding services for trade fairs and conventions in Italy and abroad.
  • Organization of tours for foreign visitors accompanied by guides and specialized assistants.
  • Multimedia Transcription services.