As of January 2022, we are one of the 6000 B Corps worldwide, of which 200 in Italy.

Being B Corp certified means being a Benefit Corporation and embracing a business model where profit goes hand in hand with creating value for all the stakeholders.


In accordance with the B Corp Certification, we meet high standards of social and environmental performance, responsibility and transparency, as verified by B-Lab, the global non-profit certifying body. For this purpose, we measure our impact in 5 keys areas:


People: our commitment to the wellbeing of personnel through fair pay, and through respect, dignity of work and professional growth.


Environment: we manage our actions in a holistic way, from energy efficiency to conscious use of resources and the reduction and offsetting of our own carbon footprint.


Community: we are engaged in the community in which we operate and with the stakeholders that make up our supply chain.


Governance: our management acts in a transparent manner towards the stakeholders, and we integrate social and environmental matters in our daily decisions.


Customers: we measure our products’ and services’ impact on end users.

We are certified ISO 9001 e UNI EN ISO 17100

Ecovadis: certificazione Responsabilità sociale e acquisti sostenibili

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