We are a team businesses can count on for effective communication with the world in a way that reflects their needs. The strength of our services is in supporting corporate and private customers during each phase of the job assigned to us until completion and within the timeframes set.

The service we provide stands out for our language skills and knowledge of the technical and cultural context in which we operate.

Respect for deadlines, knowledge of the market, continuous updates and the active role Interconsul has taken on in the local and international community are added values for our customers.

Ilaria Bertinelli

Chair & CEO – Quality Manager

Jorges Borges

CFO & Sales Executive

Giovanna Rosati

Key Account Manager

Simona Bottarelli

Project Manager Senior

Federica Dioli

Project Manager Senior

Paola Goldoni

Project Manager

Aura Moia

Front Desk Manager

Cecilia Rosso

In-house Translator – English

Chiara Lisé

In-house Translator – English


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